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WTF Did I Just Watch!?

Posted : 12 years, 3 months ago on 11 April 2012 05:03 (A review of The Legend of the Titanic)

Does anyone remember “Titanic: The Legend Goes On”? Remember how it was filled with Disney rip offs, horrible animation, a rapping dog, a woman laughing at two people that fell to the water, and it’s way to do an ending? Well before this, another animated Titanic movie came out in 1999 called “The Legend of the Titanic”

The plot is at modern New York, A old mice tells an group of young mice the story of Titanic which it turns out that no one ever died from the incident and this is the real tale of Titanic. At the day it boards Elizabeth go’s there with her family to marry Mr. Evarard Maltravers who is a rich whaler but she doesn’t want to marry him. During the trip she fell in love with a guy named Don Juan who has a dog. Like “The Legend Goes On”, there are talking mice that shows up. At one night Elizabeth talk to some dolphins due to magic moonbeams and the dolphins warned her of an evil plan by Evarad Maltravers that involves using an evil gang of talking sharks tricking an dog faced octopus to sink the Titanic. And yes all of this is real.

Honestly I don’t know what to say about this but this is really one of the worst things in existence. Who in the bright idea would come out with nonsense like this? I mean that not a single person died that day; it’s very insulting to the real victims of Titanic. It’s like saying no one died at Pearl Harbor. Also why with the talking animals and the magic moonbeam? At least “Grave of the Fireflies” took its material seriously and don’t add any crap like this. The only things I say that are good are that the animation is a bit better than The Legend Goes On and there not a lot of Disney ripoffs as well.

Overall very skip this.

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Welcome to San Andreas!

Posted : 12 years, 3 months ago on 6 April 2012 02:54 (A review of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

In 2001, Rockstar North release Grand Theft Auto III to the public. Unlike the first games, this made the series a household name by its addicting game play, concept, the freedom to roam everywhere, do a lot of things, and the controversies it got at release due to the content of the game. After Vice City and Advance came out, a new game in the series came out in 2004 which has been called one of the best in the series called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The plot is about Carl Johnson who returns to Los Santos after he found out about his mother’s death. After arriving to Los Santos and getting involved by police officers who know him a few years ago. He’s back in his house to find that the Grove Street Families gang spit apart and his family in bad times. To win his family’s respect back, Carl helps the Grove Street Families regain land from other gangs, getting weapons, and killing specific gang members. While it works, someone betrays Carl and a series of events happen.

Like GTA 3 and Vice City, you can do story missions to unlock more places to go. Also while not doing story mission, you can freely roam around the areas doing a lot of things like doing side mission like taxis to earn money, exploring the areas you unlock, or straight out cause chaos and destruction while getting away from the cops. There was a bunch of new features they added in the game for its time. One is the ability to finally swim without the chance of dying, and the ability to climb on to things. Now you can go into gang wars and if you succeed in killing the foes of that area, you will earn that piece of land and earn money from it. However there is still a chance that emeries can take over you land so you have to go quickly to protect it. For the vehicles, you can customize your car by giving it updates. You can now ride on bicycles, hovercrafts, and even take over a train. In side missions other than taxi, police, and paramedic. You can go into burglary that you have to go and steal things before the morning light comes. Also you can take on train missions that you travel around stopping at stations to drop off packages before the timer goes off. There are mini games like video games, basketball, and others you can play around the area. Lastly players can go multiplayer to play modes.

A big change to the customization side of the game is the level up system. If you shoot people down with a handgun, its skills increase. This applies to vehicles, planes, swimming, lung capacity and your muscles. There is also sex appeal level when you have certain clothes and other things like jewels on that increases or decreases it and get reactions from the citizens of the area you’re in. You can earn respect by completing missions unlike the past games earlier; you have to keep him healthy by eating without overdoing it and work out often in the gyms around.

One of the things I really enjoy from this game is the freedom it gives you. The map is huge with each area is different, and when you not doing any missions. I find myself just exploring the map and doing whatever I like. The level up system is very easy to get to and never becomes a pain to do. The gameplay still has that addicting fun from the past games and it never gets boring due to how open everything is. The music is variety and I find myself humming to some of the songs. The controls are really good and it doesn't feel odd most the time. The story is pretty good with engaging characters and pretty good voice acting. Honestly I couldn’t think of anything bad about this game while I will say that some parts can be annoying like the mission where you learn to fly that it feels awkward, and can be very annoying to pass. Some may not have a problem while some will have an issue with that part.

Overall this is an excellent game with great gameplay, good story, huge map, and complete freedom to do as you like. I highly recommend this to all gamers.

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The Secret World of Arrietty

Posted : 12 years, 3 months ago on 17 March 2012 03:36 (A review of The Secret World of Arrietty)

Imagine yourself living in a house while some things disappear like a sugar cube that you wouldn’t care for. However you would never know that they are tiny like people who lives on the ground of your house borrowing simple things to survive while living in an very small house full of things they borrowed. That is what today’s topic will be in. The movie is based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton which came out in 1952. Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki always wanted an make an adaptation of this novel until they finally got the chance. It is drected by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, and writen by Hayao Miyazaki, and Keiko Niwa. And keep in mind I haven’t seen the Japanese version so this is on the dub version.

The plot is about a tiny sized family called the Clocks who live in a human house in Koganei, Western Tokyo. The Clocks are borrowers who borrow simple things from the house to survive everyday. At one night, their daughter Arrietty a 14-year-old gos with her father Pod for her first night of borrowing. Everything went well until a human boy named Shawn who lives at the house to rest due to his heart condition sees her. This is not good because borrowers must never be seen by humans and if they get caught than they have to move out of the house because humans can be dangerous curious. They have other encounters later on that trigger an series of events.

I personally enjoy this movie. The story is well done, characters are likable and the story doesn’t treat the viewers like fools. The voice acting is good and it matches the lips of the characters. The animation is what you expert from Studio Ghibli being really good, very detailed, and really adds to the atmosphere of their world. The soundtrack works well that at times, it feels like you their in the house borrowing things while avoiding some types of danger at the beginning of the movie when she’s out in her first night.

I haven’t seen the Japanese version but I heard that is an change that people may not like, but overall its another great entry to the Studio Ghibli with an good dub, good story, great animation, and great use of the soundtrack. Definitely recommended.

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3... 2... 1... GO!

Posted : 12 years, 5 months ago on 8 February 2012 08:36 (A review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Super Smash Bros Brawl continues the game play of the first two games in the series with Nintendo characters new/old and some new faces like Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series and Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Each character has its own strengths like Mario is well rounded and Meta Knight is more for speed attacks. In a group brawl mode, up to four players go and smack the heck out of each other. Also you can jump, dash, crouch, drop through, throw, and do evasive more to take advantage of the battlefield. To kill a person, you need to attack to rise its damage percentage. Once it’s up in 100%, you have a greater chance of killing the enemy. You can use items like pokeballs, baseball bats, bombs, and new items like the Dragoon Parts to use against your opponent. New to the battles is the Final Smash. If you destroy the ball before anyone else does. You can unleash your final smash doing great amounts of damage to anyone. Their's also team brawl when you team up with someone against another team. Among with the rules you can change like what items you can do or if it’s time or not. Also there is an special brawl mode that has rules like slow motion, all have bunny hats, or everyone can fall faster. Lastly you can make up tournaments like in Melee among with a rotation mode to switch players so others have a chance to play.

In solo mode, you can take part of Classic mode from the past games. New to this game is the Subspace Emissary an story driving mode where the Ancient Minister begin to send everything to subspace and the remaining fighters have to team up and stop the threat. To train, you go to the training mode to try some of the characters out to find one you like. Finally like in Melee, there are events you can play alone or have a second player with you to test your skills.

New to the game is Wi-Fi battles. After choosing your character, you goes to the training like area while you wait for other players to join in solo or team battles. You can also be a bystander to watch matches while betting coins on who will win. Lastly their used to have mode that they give you a screenshot and video for a day and a new one next day before they got rid of it in 2009.

Finally there is the vault section. You can view trophies, and stickers that you get during the game. You can view screenshots that you take pictures of moments from your brawls. Also new you have the ability to make videos that you can record a match online or offline and you can view them here. Lastly a new mode appears called Masterpieces where you play the selected classics in trail mode like Super Mario Bros and Zelda OoT.

The things I enjoy is that Brawl still have the addicting fun of beating and using your favorite Nintendo characters we all know and love. The controls are very good and I like that you can chose which controllers you can play with like the GameCube one. The idea of Stage Builder is brilliant making your own stages as you want while limited. The music is very good being an amount of memorable tracks. Also I like the masterpiece section that gives people trail games to give people a taste of what the game’s like and maybe convinced people to get it. The online is interesting battling with others around the world and without the lag. It’s a lot of fun for couple rounds.

The things I don’t like or feel they should have more time to work with is the tripping. I guessing they want to give that a try seeing as anyone might trip during a match in real life but in the game. The tripping gets in the way as you’re very focused in defeating the enemy and one move can mess everything up especially in a harder mode which could cause you suicide. May might be odd saying since I talked about it in the thing I like but I feel that they should have did more things to Stage Builder. I think they should get rid of the limits on to build and add more background giving the player more choices and freedom to make something interesting. Lastly the online has a deal of lag, granted some are not but when it's laggy. It makes a match completely unplayable as the match movies very slow never ending until players quit the match.

Overall Brawl is a very good with great gameplay, good controls, very replayable, and a good amount of new features to get anyone interested. While it does have a few flaws, I highly recommend it to fans and gamers.

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The Door to the Light

Posted : 12 years, 5 months ago on 22 January 2012 06:05 (A review of Kingdom Hearts)

The idea of Kingdom Hearts started in 2000 when the producer Shinji Hashimoto met an Disney executive in an elevator in the building both Square and Disney work at in Japan. Original this was going to be lighter and simple to get the Disney feel, but they decide to aim in the same level of the Final Fantasy series instead. After two years of development of choosing the right Disney worlds and getting the story set, Kingdom Hearts finally awake.

The story is about an group of three Sora, Riku, and Kairi who are building an raft to leave Destiny Islands to find new places away from the Island. While this happens at Disney’s Castle. Donald notice that the King is gone and after reading an note left from him. Donald and Goofy go on the gummi ship to find the keyblade an key like sword and the King. At nighttime, the island is attacked by the creatures. Sora go and found Riku being sucked in willingly by the darkness almost taking Sora as well but an light appears and the keyblade appears. After taking some of the creatures down, Kairi disappears and the islands get destroyed. Sora wakes up at an unknown town called Traverse Town when he starts looking for his friends while meeting Final Fantasy characters, Disney characters and getting himself involved into something huge.

The gameplay is where you can walk, run, swim, and jump in the worlds. Theirs an action menu where you can do commands depending on if you’re in battle or not like you can attack, talk, magic, combos, and summon Disney characters to aid you in battle. Their are also shortcuts that allows you to use magic you chose for quicker use. Some of the worlds you transform to fit in the setting of the world like Sora being an merman in Atlantica. To travel to other worlds you go on the gummi ship to shoot enemy ships to survive. You can also customize your ship to make it fare better for the later dangerous travels.

Personally I enjoy the concept of Final Fantasy/Disney and I enjoy the story that grabs your attention from the start. The combat is addicting fun to get into exspeciality in some of the battles in the game. The music by Yoko Shimomura is amazing and the themes for the Disney world really nailed the setting of it. She really made an very memorable soundtrack. The designs to recreate the Disney worlds are good. They did an really good job in making it really like the movies people grew up with.

The things I didn’t like as much is the camera. It can get in the way when you go around in the worlds and make some commands abit odd. Like Final Fantasy X the cut scenes are unskipable and can be annoying when you replay the game after beating it or you die at an boss and have to see it again. Some may not mind but I find the gummi ship section of this game boring and not interesting.

Overall this may not be everyone type of game. Honestly it’s an very enjoyable game with interesting ideas, addicting battle system, and great music. I highly recommend giving this an try.

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The Bells of Notre Dame

Posted : 12 years, 5 months ago on 17 January 2012 12:54 (A review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996))

For those who don’t know what The Hunchback of Notre Dame is. It’s an book by Victor Hugo in 1831 that inspired an series of adaptations from movies like the 1939 film that stared Charles Laughton and musicals. Than in 1996, Disney made an animated film on it after making "Pocahontas". It is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, directors of "Beauty and the Beast".

The story is about an kind deformed bell ringer named Quasimodo who longs to be outside with the people outside of his bell tower. However his master Frollo forbids him to go due to his looks and reminds him of the cruel world that’s out there. After his gargoyles friends encouraged to go out for once and join the Festival of Fools. At the festival, he ran into the gypsy dancer Esmeralda who takes him to be in the contest The King of Fools. After winning he gets humiliated by the crowd cruelly and Esmeralda saves him while becoming an wanted criminal for that. After going to Notre Dame, she forced to stay their due to the guards at every door. She meets Quasimodo again in the bell tower and get to know each other while he begins to see world in an better light than the one Frollo tell him all the time.

Out of all the Disney films, this is the most dark and took risks while ,making changes to the story. Did it paid off. Honestly I think it paid off in an way that I enjoy alot. I like the main character of Quasimodo and he’s very relatable. The villain Frollo is Disney’s best villain that he’s the more realistic villain that theirs an Frollo everywhere in our lives. He does bad things while claiming he doing this for religious reasons while being an lying hypocrite. It also help that his voice actor Tony Jays did an great job adding an menace to him and leaving an cold impression when he see Frollo on screen. The animation is pretty good leading to some really good shots. The soundtrack and most of the songs are really good that fits with the tone they going for at this film.

They are problems to it, They are changes to this from the book they may leave some disappointed like some people from the book don’t show up. Frollo is not an archdeacon in this one. Than they are the gargoyles, they are not funny and just kind of out of place for this. I know they need humor to entertain the younger people watching it but at least make them funny. And they are some songs I don’t care for like “A Guy Like You” that doesn't fit with the tone and not memorable.

Now would I recommend this? While some people may have more of the problem with some the flaws, honestly I would recommend this and at least give this one an try.

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Tim Burton's Very Best!

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 1 January 2012 06:29 (A review of Ed Wood)

For those who have no idea who Edward D. Wood Jr is. He is an optimistic filmmaker that is famous or infamous for creating movies like "Plan 9 from Outer Space", and "Glen or Glenda" that people called them the worst films ever made. In the productions of his movie which he directed, wrote, edited and even acted in one of them. He works lighting fast, very cheap that his productions ends in an few days or more incase it's money problems. After Plan 9, he few into obscure in the 70s making porno films and books until his death in 1978. In the 80s, he became known when the Golden Turkey Awards called him the worst director while mentioning his films that got people interested to him that led to this film which came from the book that came out at that time "Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood Jr".

This film is directed by Tim Burton famous for making movies like “Pee Wee Big Adventure”, "Bettlejuice", "Edward Scissorhands", and "Sweeney Todd". This is an biopic on his life that follows the making of "Glen or Glenda" and his other movies and the hardships he went to complete them among with the good and bad moments of his life during this time. During making them he runs into Bela Lugosi, an horror star famous for being "Dracula" at 1931 that unfortunately had no work at that time in his life and no one would care for him, Ed Wood became friends with him and gave Bela roles on his films to support Bela.

This movie works very well. The acting from the cast is very good. Johnny Depp as Ed Wood really captures his character of Ed Wood very well and even if you dislike Ed Wood and his movies, you can’t help but wanting him to complete his film, his dreams. Martin Landau who played Bela Lugosi did an amazing job on him and he definitely deserve the Oscar he got for his role. The use of black and white for the film is an perfect match for the feel of this. The designs of the scene they shot for Ed’s films are very well done and look almost the same.

Overall, this is an really great movie with great characters, acting, and theme of not giving up and always following your passion no matter what the things they throw at you. Granted there are facts in the film that are not true. Lugosi married to Hope Lininger in 1955 while she was never mention or in the film and Bela was never alone in his house. Other one is Bela knew what “Glen or Glenda” is and didn’t want to do it until he needed to work while in the movie, he had no idea what it’s about beside what Ed told him. And lastly Loretta King in real life wasn’t alleged to water as the film showed.

Would I recommend this? Yes I highly recommended this to Film fans, Tim Burton fans, and future filmmakers.

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Oh dear GOD!

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 28 December 2011 01:43 (A review of Fred: The Movie)

Oh Youtube, An video site that you can learn more about differnet hobbies, open your mind to other things, make new friends, and not to mention you can find some good people on here that make interesting and entertaining videos. Unfortunately their are some that are not entertaining, boring as heck, and just annoying and this being one of them who unfortunately made this an movie called "Fred".

For those who don't know who Fred is. He is an guy on Youtube that just speaks in an very annoying voice starting from October 30, 2006. Than in September 18, 2010, this came out.

The movie is about Fred who has an crush on the girl called Judy who lives next door to him. Fred attempts to meet her each time failed each time by an bully called Kevin that also lives in the same area as Fred. Later on Fred found out that Judy moved to an new house so he go's on an journey to find her.

My problems beside the plot being not interesting and boring, my biggest problem is Fred. His voice is annoying and you have to listen to it for 83 minutes listening to him screaming, screaming, and more screaming. This is pretty much every short online that he made upset it's 83 minutes of this. Honestly this is the worst movie I ever seen in my life. I know their are other very bad movies like The Last Airbender, the Animated Titanic films, etc but this is most painful I ever seen. Would I recommend this, no and if your curiousity gets the best of you, prepared yourself for something like this. What makes this even worst that he make an sequel this year and he's in production of an third film and an TV series in the works.

To end this review, I would ask one last question.

Why would anyone like the idea of Fred being in an movie for 83 minutes?

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